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Filed on April 18, 2016 | Last updated on April 18, 2016 at 06.32 am

Ever experienced a dental emergency and had no idea where to go? A new app will now help you locate the nearest dental clinic anywhere in the UAE. The first of its kind UDENZ smart application is the brainchild of Dr Hisham Safadi, a dentist who has been in the UAE since 1981.


Tooth hurts??

An app for this and an app for that is the way we roll. Getting tasks completed in quick time. From booking a cab to locating for your favorite food truck to requesting your air conditioning company for a service to come over for a routine check-up of your air conditioner, there is an app for almost everything. In the UAE, the newest app for you to install is the dentist app. Just imagine you wake up in the morning with a bad tooth ache and you dentist
can’t attend that meeting in an office with a face so grim that is when UDENZ, the app comes to your rescue. You could instantly find a dentist near your locality and get treated before you start off to work.

An app for a dental emergency didn’t seem like it would be a hit but nevertheless has been downloaded umpteen numbers of times. To be exact 7,500 users have downloaded the app, since its release in February 2016. The app helps dentists reach their patients without much ado and patients find it convenient to locate a dentist who is available for an immediate check-up. The app allows users to book an appointment according to a time convenient to them and the dentists can check their availability and reject, approve or change the timings of the appointment within minutes.

dentist-1UDENZ has come as a boon to dentists who otherwise struggle to reach patients and lose out on their practice.  Across the globe, there are cases where patients sometimes wait up to 3 to 8 months to have an appointment with a dentist. But the introduction of UDENZ will put an end to this issue and connect dentist and patient immediately. UDENZ has a data base of dentists and dental centers in the UAE this gives patients a wide range of opportunity to choose an available dentist who is at a convenient location.

The leaders of the UAE have the vision to launch every possible move to innovate to the maximum and be of service to its people in every possible field and the dentist app is one such proof that this vision is slowly but stUDENZeadily turning into reality. The country is on the road to becoming a medical tourist hub in the Middle East and Dubai is already ranked 6th in the world for dentistry tourism and receives revenue to about $15 million annually.
The app is released at the right time and it would further help to develop the medical tourist sector of the nation. The months of February saw a massive dental camp in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where 4000 workers were given a free dental check-up. The introduction of the app is a follow up of what the government expects to do in the near future in the field of medicine.

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UDENZ and INCUBOX Partnership

Incubox are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new concept in the Unites Arab Emirates in February 2016, which will roll out across the Middle East and thereafter, USA and Europe.

UDENZ is an new app interface connecting patients with dentists and dental professionals in their local area, for both emergency treatments and routine or cosmetic dentistry, providing private dental care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Digital Move Forward in Dentistry. A New App that Simplifying dental appointments

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A New Smart Device Application had been released in Dubai. UDENZ is a Dental mobile app that aim to provide dentists with a full dental eco-system and ease patinets dental appointment process.


Dubai, UAE: Locating the nearest dental clinic across the UAE has become as easy as a click of a button with the first of its nature UDENZ captive smart application.


تعرف على 10 عادات خاطئة قد تدمر أسنانك

وأنت تبحث عن أسنان جميلة في صحة جيدة، انتبه ربما تقع المحظور وتدمر ما قصدت إصلاحه. ونشرت صحيفة “ديلي ميل” نصائح نقلاً عن طبيب أسنان للحفاظ على الأسنان وتجنب العادات التي قد تضر صحتها.

1.الفرشاة الإلكترونية

إذا لم تستخدم الفرشاة الكهربائية بالطريقة الصحيحة فإنها لن تكون مفيدة، والأفضل: لامس الأسنان بأطراف الشعيرات ولا تضغط، وخذها معك لطبيب الأسنان واسأله بشأنها.

2.معجون التبييض

يستعمل الكثيرون معاجين تبييض الأسنان ولكنها قد تأتي بنتيجة عكسية ثم تصبح الأسنان داكنة أكثر وحساسة على المدى البعيد من الاستخدام.

3.شطف الأسنان

لا تضع الماء بعد تنظيف الأسنان بالفرشاة والمعجون مباشرة، لأنه يذهب بالفلورايد ويقلل من فعالية المعجون. إذا شعرت أنك بحاجة لشطف خارج فمك فعليك بغسول فم لا يحتوي على كحول، بشرط أن لا تأكل ولا تشرب لنصف ساعة بعد تغسيل الفم والأسنان.

4.استخدام الفرشاة

لا تضغط على الأسنان كثيراً أثناء تفريشها. وابدأ من أماكن مختلفة لأن المكان الأخير دائماً يحصل على اهتمام أقل في كل مرة بسبب الملل.

5.غسول الفم

إن استخدام غسول الفم المحتوي على كحول يمكن أن يسبب السرطان. وأثبتت الدراسات أن الاستخدام المفرط لثلاث مرات يومياً يعرض الصحة للخطر.


عليك استخدام الخيوط برفق أثناء تمريرها بين الأسنان وإلا فإنك ستدمر اللثة.


التوقيت مهم جداً. لا تنظف أسنانك بالفرشاة بعد أكلك الطعام المحتوي على الأحماض، والفواكه مباشرة. انتظر 30 دقيقة أو استخدم غسولاً فيه فلورايد لإزالة الحوامض.

8.معجون الأسنان

أضحى مفهوم معجون الأسنان “الشامل” شائعاً جداً. لكنه قد يكون وراء تفتت الأسنان وأمراض اللثة إذا كان خالياً من الفلورايد، الذي ثبت علمياً أنه يقاوم خراب الأسنان.

9.الفرشاة الخشنة

ربما لا تحتاج الفرشاة الخشنة إلى نصيحة للابتعاد عنها لما تسببه من تدمير للأسنان.

10.مدة التفريش

أشارت إحدى الإحصائيات إلى أن 43% من الناس لا يمضون 45 ثانية في تفريش أسنانهم، لكن هذا ليس كافياً. ربما يحتاج تنظيف الأسنان إلى دقيقتين على الأقل.

اقرأ عن قصة الفرشاة والمعجون

عرف الإنسان منذ القدم كيفية تنظيف أسنانه، فقد وجدت أدوات تنظيف أسنان ضمن آثار البابليين والفراعنة. وفي فترات لاحقة طور الصينيون طريقة لجعل رائحة الفم منعشة من خلال مضغ عصي من شجيرات عطرية، وقاموا بعدها بصنع اول فرشاة أسنان مصنوعة من عظام حيوان أو من قطع خشبية تنتهي بشعيرات من رقبة الخنزير، ولكن الأوروبيين استبدلوا بها شعراً من ذيل الحصان.
وعرف العالم الفرشاة الحديثة لأول مرة عام 1780، عندما صمم الإنكليزي وليم أديس William Addis فرشاة ذات قبضة عظمية وشعر خنزير، وكانت من خط واحد.
وفي عام 1844 أصبحت بثلاثة خطوط مصنوعة من الشعر الطبيعي، وبقيت الحال كذلك، إلا أن اخترع دو بون Du Pont النايلون، ومنذ يومها وفُرشات الأسنان تصنع من قبضة بلاستيكية برأس من النايلون.


Learn about the causes of bad breath?

There are many causes for bad breath; some common causes are listed below.

  • Food: Food is a primary source of bad odors that come from the mouth. Some foods, such as garlic, onions, spicy foods, exotic spices (such as curry), some cheeses, fish, and acidic beverages such as coffee can leave a lingering smell. Most of the time the odor is short lived. Other foods may get stuck in the teeth, promoting the growth of bacteria, which causes bad breath odor.


Hello from UDENZ!

Welcome to all new UDENZ Find Nearby Dentist Website.

We are very happy that you landed on our page and yes this is us UDENZ your trusted Mobile Application services that will help you to find best dentists in your local area.

What is new about UDENZ ? we are having now a very new more user friendly IOS and Android Build for Users and Dentists. enhanced Dashboard. More services and much more.

Today UDENZ proudly is Officially having partners that will take care of our clients and users different 4 countries covering over 23 cities in Gulf Countries and Lebanon, the best part that we are still expanding.

We are welcoming all dentist to join us to join our journey in redefine the way users are booking appointments, dental marketing channels , dental patients awareness and ease of access for a new payment method that will embrace the dental services complexity.

UDENZ is the market leader in quality real-time engagement between new and current dental patients and dentists. Connecting dental patients to dentists through our custom made mobile application. Developed by dentists with understanding of patient needs. Enables users to make appointments with dentists in any location. Easy to use, reliable and fast, treatment is just a click away. A winning concept First Prize at the Business Entrepreneurship Camp at University of Salford Business School , Manchester, UK. Meeting the demand of the Dental Sector and addresses dental patients’ rights to have a sparkle smile anywhere with convenience and with the highest quality of care.

Join us today and Download UDENZ

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Click here for Google Play


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