How to brighten up your smile?

The body is a complicated machine with a complex mechanism. The general health of a body depends on diet or food habits of the individual, and the same has a direct relation with the condition of your teeth or even gums. People who consume excessive sodas and sugar loaded drinks have weak teeth and face issues like tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a common problem child face, and thankfully, it is treatable with a change in habits and oral regimen. The process of tooth decay is triggered once plaque encounters sugar from food or drinks, which again leads to acid attacks on teeth. In short, any sugar in any food can do some serious damages to your teeth and gums.

This is where fruits come into foray because some fruits have health benefits, especially for the teeth whitening. Some fruits like apples, pears, and some vegetables protect tooth enamel by adding minerals back to the teeth. Our body is an incredible machine, and our food choices define the way it operates. This is the reason why dental specialists ask you to maintain healthy eating habits if you wish to sport a Hollywood smile for a long time. Bad teeth color and health are primarily due to our habits and health choices we make in our daily regimen and life.

Mouth-Healthy Foods and Drinks

Some of the best food choices include the likes of chicken, cheese, meats, milk, and nuts. These are rich in calcium and phosphorous that re-mineralizes your teeth and prevents the process of acidification. Fruits like apple and pear have good water content, which lowers the effects of sugar and stimulates saliva to prevent enamel decay. Dental professionals advise you to include citrus fruits such as lemons and tomatoes with larger meals, to neutralize the acidic effects.

Some food items that need a limit check include names like – candies, cookies, chocolates, pies, bread, chips, fries, banana, and similar dried fruits. These foods can fuel the bacteria that lead to tooth decay due to high sugar content. The best beverage choices that anyone can make include water, milk, and sugar-free tea. The essential remains the same in case you want to maintain a fresh pair of teeth – AVOID SUGAR!

Dr.Hisham M Safadi (Hisham Safadi ) BDS & MSc Leadership and Management in Health Care Practice form the University of Salford . An entrepreneurship, qualified dentist, knowledgeable lecturer and motivational coach, experienced medical facility manager and an accomplished health care insurance and investment professional with 9+ years of diversified in - Identification and negotiation of business opportunities to achieve organizational objectives. -Providing healthcare advisory and managerial experience within the healthcare sector, providing strategy for the medical oversight for creating new departments and marketing services on national and international scale. - setting the strategic direction and priorities within the context of the healthcare investment projects and new business start-up in the sector. -Teaching and leading people to enhance patient experience and improving leadership style through education, coaching and training

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